Manhattan Office Space: Bank of America Building, 44 Wall St

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Bank of America Building, 44 Wall St, Manhattan Office for Rent

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Between the Bank of America building's fully furnished office space that can fit up to ten people, and an array of modern conference rooms, this building is perfect for newer companies or businesses who have experienced a recent rapid growth and are looking for office space rental in a prime Manhattan location.

With over 30,00 square feet, this Bank of America building business center features; 94 offices, four conference rooms, an array of lounges, innovative technology tailored to up and coming businesses, and even a 24-hour staff that members are encouraged to use as resources throughout the day.

The executive center's 24-hour staff are equipped with professional business skills and trained to help with all your technology, business, and security needs. So, you won't have to worry about outsourcing immediate help for something that this center's 24-hour staff can easily accommodate and help you with. In addition to the 24-hour staff, the building is equipped with a virtual doorman, therefore you will never have to worry about security and safety ever again.

The rental rates for office space at this Bank of America business center are all-inclusive. In other words, the rental rate includes all fees and charges, including; exclusive access to lounges, kitchens, pantries, and vending machines, 24-hour staff, a virtual doorman, and other exclusive amenities and innovative technology.

About the office location

Located at 44 Wall Street, the Bank of America building is one of the most popular high-rises in the Financial District. This commercial office space has a brown brick design that perfectly plays into the neo-classicism architectural style, which means it's easy to be excited to head into your office for the day.

This building is just a few steps away from three major subway stations: Wall Street (2, 3, 4, & 5), Broad Street (J & Z), and Rector Street (1, R, & W). Not only does this mean that it makes your commute immensely easier, but it means you have the ability to explore the rest of New York City at the tip of your fingers.

Since this building is in the middle of the Financial District, you have numerous shops, bars, and restaurants to choose from to grab lunch with coworkers or grab drinks after work. Not to mention that this building is practically right next to the famous New York Stock Exchange building! So, your office will have gorgeous views of the sunny Manhattan skyline, specifically the history and popularity of the Lower East Side.

Between its iconic location, stunning furnished offices with views of Downtown Manhattan, and countless amenities, the Bank of America building truly offers some of the best offices for companies, and even independent professionals. So, stop dreading heading into your dark, cold, and confined office, and check out 44 Wall Street today!

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